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La Mesilla Construction (LMC) will provide "cost effective and energy efficient solutions" for your unique building project. LMC has only been in business for the past year but John Young, President has 32-years of experience in the construction industry building both residential and commercial projects. The projects I've managed have not only been good, they have all been completed with excellent outcomes. LMC is interested in all opportunities in the construction arena; we specialize in renovation/restoration and green building projects through energy efficiency and environmental awareness. LMC knows about and can help owners receive incentives/tax credits from utilities and government agencies for building with energy and environmentally sound products and methods.

I have managed in the capacity of both project manager and superintendent two historical restorations that both received State of New Mexico Heritage Preservations Awards. I was working for Sarcon Construction on the first project, the Espanola Bond House. Tom Cordova, TECA Architects was presented the award. On the second project working for Blue Sky Builders, the Ojo Caliente Round Adobe Barn, I was personally recognized. After completing the Round Barn project, I successfully project managed (authored the technical section and provided all of the documentary photographs) the federal tax credit application for the Round Barn and the owners were allowed a 25% project cost credit and the Barn became listed on the National Historic Register. I have worked-on/managed several other historic restorations/renovations and many not so "historic" renovations. Being able to "reuse" existing structures is the best possible "green" solution.

photo, Bond House photo, Round Barn

I am a student of "green" building. First I studied and successfully tested to become a LEED, AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Accredited Professional). I took HERS (Home Energy Rating System) Rater Training and successfully tested to become a HERS rater. I took the Building Performance Institute (BPI) Analyst Training (sort of the HERS system for existing building) and I am certified Building Analyst Professional. I'm currently a participating member of the City of Santa Fe Commercial Green Building Code Advisory Committee looking into appropriate code changes that the city has committed to adopt. What does all of this mean to any specific project? I'm personally committed to construct projects that produce buildings that are energy efficient and environmentally sensitive. I have the skill set to produce this work and produce it in a cost effective manner. I have a skilled, experienced, dedicated and responsible crew that can work with owners very professionally and a business organization that can meet all of the project requirements. John Young


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